HSE Policy

HSE Policy

GEMSAN commits to comply with the following principles in order to eliminate or minimize all kinds of possible damages and risks to the employees, other people, materials and equipment during its operations. 

1- Complying with the related laws, regulations, by-laws and standards as well as customer specifications.

2- Informing the employees in order to effectively implement and continuously improve HSE Management Systems and to provide internal and external trainings about requirements.

3- Organizing the studies aimed to examine the risky situations and behaviors and preparing accurate and effective risk analysis.

4- Encouraging all employees to develop awareness about HSE.

5- Issuing recording of the documents which include the monitoring and measuring reports as specified in the HSE Management Systems or which are required by the authorities.
6- Tracing international procedures, instructions, cases and assessment report about HSE and to implement applicable ones in accordance with the laws.

7- Encouraging the efficient use of natural resources and avoidance of wastage.



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